Pathology is a vital piece of Australia’s health infrastructure:

Since 12 February, Keep Pathology Bulk Billed has been helping Australians have their say about the 24-year funding freeze on vital pathology tests, like blood tests.

The first phase of our advocacy, leading up to the Federal Budget on 14 May 2024, resulted in more than 42,000 emails to Members of Parliament.

This is a monumental testament to the value Australians place on pathology services, Medicare and bulk billing. Australian Pathology is proud to be a part of it.

In this year’s Federal Budget, the government decided to index just under a third of pathology items.

This is a welcome recognition that pathology items need to be indexed. Like everything else, the cost of delivering pathology services has increased over time.

But this is not enough — funding for more than two-thirds of pathology services remains frozen.

Under the arrangements announced in the Budget, the rebates paid by the government for tests that diagnose diabetes and many of your most common tests, like blood cholesterol, will not be indexed. And even for the items that are indexed, the increase does not start until July 2025.

Without full and fair indexation, pathology providers will be forced to make some very difficult decisions.

We ask for your continued support to Keep Pathology Bulk Billed.

Please use the form below to contact your MP and keep this important issue on their radar right up until the next election.

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