Patient Information Flyer

Keep Pathology Bulk Billed

Did you know that 70% of all medical treatment decisions rely on pathology tests – like the one you’re having today? GPs and patients like you both depend on them.

You’re probably not thinking about the cost of your test because in most cases, patients do not pay an out-of-pocket fee for pathology tests, like blood tests.

99.6% of pathology services are currently bulk billed.

But unlike other parts of the health system, funding for pathology tests hasn’t increased, despite the increasing cost of providing these services. This is unusual because funding for other health services is more regularly increased – or “indexed”.

Since 1999, pathology providers have been filling the funding gap to keep services running as costs go up. Without fair indexation, pathology providers will be forced to make some very difficult decisions.

We don’t want it to be harder for Australians to get these important tests, especially when money is tight. That’s why we’re asking the Government to make sure pathology funding increases in this year’s Federal Budget.

We need your help to keep these tests bulk-billed.

You can show your support by visiting the website below, where you can tell your local Member of Parliament that pathology funding must be indexed fairly, starting in this year’s Federal Budget.