Why does Bulk-Billed Pathology Matter?

Meet Mel, Lahnee and James, three Australians who rely on bulk-billed pathology.

The upcoming federal budget needs to end the 24-year funding freeze by providing $630 million over four years, in order to keep pathology bulk billed.

The stories Mel, James, and Lahnee have so generously shared with us demonstrate just how important this is.

Australians have sent over 32,000 emails to their MPs asking for their help to lock in this funding request.

This is an amazing outcome – and a demonstration of the value Australians place on pathology services.

Australians know that GPs cannot do their jobs without pathology tests.

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In the meantime, please continue doing all you can to keep pathology bulk billed.

Learn more about the Keep Pathology Bulk Billed campaign and get involved at www.keeppathologybulkbilled.com.au